Monday, February 25, 2013


LADIES, ladies. I introduce to you maybe my favorite work look ever. Now, I know it probably doesn't scream at you or jump off the page at first glance. But that's okay. I like to think of myself as a subtly fashionable person and this ensemble is definitely in line with my philosophy. 

Despite previous posts about incorporating color into a modern girl's work wardrobe, neutrals are my jam. My favorite color? Black. My second favorite color? Gray. After that, nude/blush and white (I'm pale, so I try not to do tooooo much white). I won't continue any further, as I'm sure you get the picture here. 

This Equipment top (available at Nordstrom- my favorite place- and Piperlime) is insane. On top of being both neutral (the body of the shirt is a very light blush color), it has a trendy touch of python print and it's incredibly soft, light and comfortable. If you're anything like me and you sit in an office all day, you want this look for two reasons: comfort and hotness. Like, hello, if you can look super cute AND be comfortable, why would you wear anything else? 

In addition, I HIGHLY recommend learning how to rock the power bun. When you just don't feel like washing and drying that crazy mane of yours (or you just feel extra bitch-tastic), this is the solution you've been looking for. Yes, I know the sock bun thing has been around for a while, but you need to start taking it seriously. I haven't seen anyone look heinous in a power bun yet (unless they let it fall out all over the place), it's easy and it makes you look sexy without exposing any cleavage. Add some studded shoes-smoking loafers are also a great comfort choice- and you're borderline guaranteed to be "the cute girl" in the office. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Annnnnnd it's basically March. When did that happen? After spending a little time in NYC and Chicago, I have a new appreciation for you people that spend an entire winter actually having to wear winter clothes and deal with snow all whilst keeping track of two mittens and a pair of earmuffs. After what I would describe as a hiatus from life as I knew it (probably more of a permanent change), I'mmmm BACK. Well, not really. Gave up my social life for lent...or tax busy season gave it up for me, so these posts will more than likely be few and far between until post-April 15th. 

Regardless, I've been meaning to share my obsession with ombre (on anything) and chambray shirts. Remember, in middle school, when tie-dye was cool/acceptable? Maybe it was just me, but I'm pretty sure I still own a rainbow tie-dyed skirt from 8th grade that literally EVERYONE wanted. Don't worry--I've only saved it for theme-party purposes. Anyway, ombre is like the tie-dye's classier, more sophisticated older sister. Paired with a strong solid (black is typically my color of choice), it's eye-catching and edgy even in a neutral. It looks great in a pant, a shirt, swimwear, dresses, skirts AND accessories--assuming it's done tastefully. But, unlike a lot of trends, I haven't seen it executed in an unforgivable manner...yet. Shit, even Target figured it out!

Obviously I love this look because of the shirt. After all, it incorporates the my two favorite things right now. But on top of everything, it's incredibly comfortable. Leggings, an over sized infinity scarf and some comfy booties and you're set. For lunch, shopping, class, casual Friday--whatever you're up to. I think I wore this exact outfit on at least four different flights over the past two months....hopefully the flight attendants weren't keeping tabs...