Friday, March 8, 2013


Berry & Paprika

I know, you think I lost my shit. I went from black/white/gray to freaking neon brights in a matter of days. It's okay, I'm feeling fine and I'm wearing a neutral-toned outfit as I sit writing this. I also shouldn't be given too much credit for originality when it comes to this outfit because I definitely stole it from a Facebook post by L*Space last week, in which they highlight the berry/paprika combo for summer swim. Buuut they include clothing ensembles as their inspiration, which is what caught my eye. 

At a few points in my life, I have expressed my absolute, unwavering distaste for red/pink, pink/purple and purple red combinations. Somehow, this is different. It's like the chic version of purple with a brighter version of red and I really love the way they play together. I also didn't expect black to work in this instance, but it totally does--especially accented with gold. I wore this on a Wednesday, and I think it helped me break up the week a little; add a little spice in the midst of monotony. You might say that I've taken Brad Goreski's "pop of color" theory a bit too far. Reversed even. This might qualify as a "pop of black" situation. Either way, I'm obsessed.

Before you think to yourself that this is way too much for you to pull of in your serious office environment, think again. Keep in mind that I'm an accountant--a first year accountant even--at a huge firm. Granted, it's in LA, so we're a little less serious, but still. I got compliments all day (and a few confused looks from the older partners-not bad though, confused). The only profession I would label this "inappropriate" for is law. So sorry lawyer friends. But at least you have the weekends (unlike me right now).


Viva Vena retro shirt / Juicy Couture slim pants, $155 / Michael Kors gold bangle jewelry / Fendi , $335

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


So everyone knows that NARS Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blush are like the best two makeup products ever made. Well let me introduce you to the third: NARS "Pure Radiant" tinted moisturizer.

Let me start by saying that I am NOT a big makeup person. First of all, it's expensive. Second, one of my biggest fears is looking like one of those crazy cake-faced girls that wears way too much of it. If you're not good at makeup and you wear a lot of it, you typically end up looking cake-faced...and I am not very "good" at makeup. I wear bronzer, blush, a little eyeliner and mascara. Oh and I dye my eyebrows darker because they're blonde,  but I let someone do that for me. Messed up eyebrows are impossible to fix so I leave it to the pros.

Anyway, I went to order my night-time moisturizer last week and a free sample of this new NARS product came with my purchase (from Nordstom, and the promotion is still going on). I am pretty light-skinned (luck of the Irish) and somehow I ended up with the medium shade "St. Moritz" as the sample. The shade did actually work for my skin once I let it soak in a little bit, but I ended up going back to the store and buying the lighter "Alaska" shade for keeps. 

I don't normally use any foundation because I'm afraid of it causing breakouts--in addition to the cake phenomenon--so I was skeptical about using something so "make-up-y." What did attract me to it is the SPF 30 protection it offers. I used to use a Mario Bedescu daily moisturizer with SPF 15, but they changed their formula and only offer an SPF 30 product that is specifically sunscreen (and smells like it). The NARS tinted moisturizer offers (non-smelly) sunscreen protection as well as a little tint/coverage to smooth out my complexion, without that obvious make-up look that I hate fear to see on women. It's really lightweight and blends perfectly. Best of all, you can apply it just like you would any daily moisturizer--no brushes, sponges, makeup pads, etc. It might be one of the only makeup products I feel compelled to post about (I feel a post about the Laguna/Orgasm combo has been done one too many times) it MUST be good, right? Obviously. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Black is the New Pink. Still.

Ombre Leggings

I know, again with the black and white. I can't help it. Someone at work today told me that I seem "more like a pink person" when I explained that I would exclusively wear black to the office everyday if I didn't think I might get labeled "that goth looking first-year." I almost threw up. I mean, I'll wear pink sometimes, but I picture a really tacky Barbie driving that bubble gum pink convertible when someone is described as a "pink kind of person". 

In order to cleanse myself of that blasphemous comment, I obviously had to choose one of my "shades of black" ensembles. It doesn't hurt that this also incorporates one of my recent obsessions...ombre. These pants are by Rag and Bone (and I got them at Nordstrom, like I did 75% of my current wearable wardrobe) and they are incredibly soft. They're somewhere between a jean and a legging, but they don't have that obvious "jegging" look to them, which is refreshing.  

In general, I like the versatility that each of these pieces offers. The Rebecca Minkoff bag is a must (as you know) and a black and silver Marc Jacobs watch won't ever go out of style--not to mention you can wear it almost anywhere (maybe not to all those award shows you're invited to, but you know). I own the MM6 boots and I wear them ALL the time. They were expensive (I bought them on sale...), but I wear them on the weekends with outfits like this, or to work with a skirt/dress and tights. Or for my favorite day of the week...CASUAL FRIDAY. I think what I'm really trying to say is that I like the versatility of neutrals...? Shocking, I know.