Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Shoesday: Ankle Strap Heels

1. {Photo/Buy: Revolve Clothing}
Even though I've been quite obviously obsessed with booties lately...aka I accidentally bought a pair of YSL platform booties over MLK weekend...I've also been on the hunt for the perfect pair of ankle strap heels. I'm definitely a fan of a sexy, high, high heel (often platform), but these are just as sexy without totally destroying your foot with crazy height. My favorite in this group is definitely Nicholas' "Hari" pump. I absolutely love the texture, the shape of the heel, the color combination and the overall weight of the shoe. It's delicate without being too strappy and can be paired with anything from cocktail attire to jeans and a cute black tee.   

2. {Photo/Buy: Shopbop}
This style is so versatile, which is a huge selling point for me (and you, depending on what you have to work with in terms of "dress code" at work). I really try (keyword try...clearly YSL booties are not gonna fly at an accounting firm) to buy both clothing and shoes that will work on the weekend as well as in the office. Living in L.A. makes that a little easier for professionals, as guidelines for attire are on average less conservative than other cities. However, I think there is certainly at least one ankle strap heel that will work in your office (and after hours). Case in point, option #2: Jeffrey Campbell's "Soltair" pumps. They're a comfortable height and they're neutral but have that bit of texture to keep it interesting!

So, those first two options are my favorites, but I found so many I loved that I couldn't leave them out! The best part is that two of the three are under $150! I really love the Pour La Victoire wedges (center), so get them before I buy them first...

{Photo/Buy: Revolve}
{Photo/Buy: Piperlime}
{Photo/Buy: Revolve}

Monday, January 27, 2014

Make-up Monday: Brows

Buy @ Sephora
So I am the FIRST person to tell you that my expertise is not doing makeup. However, my lack of skill in this department has led me to look long and hard to find products that are basically idiot-proof and make my morning a little easier. 

Eyebrows are one of those things you really don't want to screw up. First of all, they're on your face. Second, there's that whole symmetry thing you have to worry about. I have blonde eyebrows, which is way more awkward than it sounds - natural blondes out there feel me on this - but I'm terrified of eyebrow pencils or powder to fill them in. I'm always like one swift move away from looking like a hooker. Through high school I just kind of let them be blonde out of laziness. When I moved to L.A. for school I had to find a new place to get my eyebrows done, which was a daunting task. My roommate/sorority sister (yes, I got a bid even with the blonde eyebrows) and I asked every girl in our dorm from Beverly Hills that had good eyebrows for recommendations. We ended up at Benefit on 3rd, where I was convinced to tint my brows a few shades darker. Genius. I HIGHLY recommend this if you have blonde eyebrows.

{photo: Benefit.com}
Fast forward to last month...I went in to get my eyebrows waxed and tinted on a weekday morning (because people at work believe that I have a "doctor's appointment" at 11am once a month and don't care that I come in late...). Normally, I get them done either on a weekend or on my way home from work so I don't have to worry about redness, etc., but this time I asked her to clean them up so I didn't get busted at work when I walked in with freshly waxed eyebrows.... She used Benefit's "Gimme Brow" fiber gel product to fill in and make my brows stay in place. I was immediately addicted. It's kind of like mascara for your brows: it makes them look much more full, defined and clean. I use the light/medium shade and it's perfect. It's also great for that "in-between" period when you don't quite need a brow wax yet, but the color starts to fade because you can kind of layer it to get a slightly darker tint! Thank you, Benefit, for saving me from the street-walker eyebrow look.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Bootie Time

Annnnnnd it's January. When did that happen? After spending a little time in NYC and Chicago, I have a true appreciation for you people that spend an entire winter actually having to wear winter clothes and deal with snow all whilst keeping track of two mittens and a pair of earmuffs.

That said, "winter" in L.A. is a big joke, and refers to the point in the year when temperatures drop below 65 degrees. I once thought outsiders were being a little dramatic about the reaction of Southern Californians to "cold" weather, but I have recently witnessed some pretty ridiculous ensembles in response to temperatures that would warrant shorts in the Midwest. For example, earmuffs/headbands. This piece of apparel will LITERALLY NEVER BE NECESSARY IN LOS ANGELES. My mom was in town at Thanksgiving and we walked to Starbucks one afternoon. We passed a couple walking three small dogs and they were BOTH wearing full jackets and headbands. It was almost 70 degrees. Like come on, I know this weather is a good excuse to break out really cute booties and sweaters, but let's get a grip on the winter accessories. 

So anyway, the point of mentioning "winter" is to talk about boots - duh. I know I'm obviously a little late to the game here...as we're on the verge of Spring, but that just means it's a great time to score some sweet deals on cute boots that you can definitely get a few more months of use out of (especially if you live in the frigid tundra that is anywhere east of California and north of Texas).

Exhibit A: The Rag & Bone boot that might be the most versatile investment of the season. It comes in lots of colors - both suede and leather. 

Exhibit B: These Madewell "Weathered Biker Booties" are comfy, casual and will definitely weather this and many seasons to come.

Exhibit C: Everyone needs a sexy black bootie. This black Rachel Zoe boot is one of my favorites - they're not too high, they have a pointed toe and lots of texture.