Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Makeup Monday: Bright Lips!

I think I've mentioned this before, but as a reminder, I am NOT a makeup artist nor do I claim to be fully capable of doing even my own makeup a lot of the time. This means that if I suggest something makeup related on this blog, it's probably [almost] idiot-proof.

That said, I've gone a little outside of my makeup box (again). I have a manager at work who's always wearing bright pink lipstick. I admire this for a couple of reasons. First, she can pull it off. Second, we work in public accounting...and approximately 3% of the office gives a fuck about what their faces look like, so the people (women) who make an effort definitely stand out.

A group of us went out for dinner/happy hour and somehow the topic of makeup, specifically lipstick, came up (of course?). At some point, it was suggested that I should try lipstick. So I naturally found myself at the Nars counter at Nordies...here are my favorite finds:

1) Best Pink - Carthage: I love this color because it's not too Barbie (though the photo may look it). It's a true, matte, bright pink - not a baby/bright pink (which is what I would call "Barbie") and no tacky shimmer. I love the matte lipsticks because they tend to be a little more subtle but can be played up with a layer of gloss on top!
Nars, "Carthage"

 2) Best Red - Vesuvio: I chose this red because it's not too "classic" red. When I think of a traditional red lip, I think of a fire engine, a holly berry and/or a street walker. This is not THAT color. It's rich, but not in-your-face bright red.
Nars "Vesuvio"

3) Best Coral - Torres del Paine: I've been seeing a lot of coral these days, especially on lips. My fear was that I wouldn't be able to find one that didn't scream orange, but this is the perfect combination of a summer pink and a summer orange - and I'm in LOVE with the lip pencils. They go on super smooth and are so easy to apply!
Nars "Torres del Paine"

4) Best Neutral/Pink - Tolede: This is a much more subtle hue, which I love for an natural/daytime look. It appears a little more mauve in the photo than it is in person - "neutral pink" is the best way I can describe it!
Nars "Tolede"
5) Best Nude - Isola Bella: Again, I love this for a more natural look, especially for summer. It's super smooth and what I would describe as a "sophisticated' color.
Nars "Isola Bella"

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