Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I talked about color in work wardrobes last week and mentioned jewelry as a great way to incorporate that something special into your outfit. More specifically, collar necklaces are a great way to complete both casual and work ensembles--especially for summer!

SpearmintWhen I first fell in love with a collar necklace (via pinterest, of course), it was this gold HRH Collection necklace, I didn't think I'd ever be able to pull it off. In a moment of weakness, I ordered it as a fashion experiment. Luckily for me, I was able to justify my purchase, as it is totally stunning. The double chain is eye-catching and dresses any outfit up. I've worn it to work with a nice blouse and to go out at night, and versatility is always a plus! Each chain has a unique finish, which makes the piece even more unique. Between this and my Rebecca Minkoff bags, I'm able to look like I might know what I'm doing when I get dressed. I surprise myself (and the rest of the world) daily.

Tangerine Teardrop BibAnother great website for collar (also called "cuff" or "bib" necklaces) is called BaubleBar. When you sign up for the website (you don't have to if you just want to look), they give you a $10 credit toward your first purchase and have a rewards program for future purchases. Everything is reasonably priced, and they are always featuring the newest designs. They have a great selection, and these two (the spearmint and coral ones) are some of my favorites!I have yet to buy either of them, but by the time I'm finished with this post, I'll probably have persuaded myself to take the plunge...

For all of you big spenders out there, I've found another option for you. I only wish I could own this CC Skye neon chain necklace, but it's a little pricey for the budget I attempt to keep. Stars like Demi Lovato have been spotted wearing this little wonder, and there's no question of why. It's bright, trendy and stands out incredibly against black (my favorite color, if you weren't aware).

Happy shopping, bitches.


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