Friday, March 8, 2013


Berry & Paprika

I know, you think I lost my shit. I went from black/white/gray to freaking neon brights in a matter of days. It's okay, I'm feeling fine and I'm wearing a neutral-toned outfit as I sit writing this. I also shouldn't be given too much credit for originality when it comes to this outfit because I definitely stole it from a Facebook post by L*Space last week, in which they highlight the berry/paprika combo for summer swim. Buuut they include clothing ensembles as their inspiration, which is what caught my eye. 

At a few points in my life, I have expressed my absolute, unwavering distaste for red/pink, pink/purple and purple red combinations. Somehow, this is different. It's like the chic version of purple with a brighter version of red and I really love the way they play together. I also didn't expect black to work in this instance, but it totally does--especially accented with gold. I wore this on a Wednesday, and I think it helped me break up the week a little; add a little spice in the midst of monotony. You might say that I've taken Brad Goreski's "pop of color" theory a bit too far. Reversed even. This might qualify as a "pop of black" situation. Either way, I'm obsessed.

Before you think to yourself that this is way too much for you to pull of in your serious office environment, think again. Keep in mind that I'm an accountant--a first year accountant even--at a huge firm. Granted, it's in LA, so we're a little less serious, but still. I got compliments all day (and a few confused looks from the older partners-not bad though, confused). The only profession I would label this "inappropriate" for is law. So sorry lawyer friends. But at least you have the weekends (unlike me right now).


Viva Vena retro shirt / Juicy Couture slim pants, $155 / Michael Kors gold bangle jewelry / Fendi , $335

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