Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Black is the New Pink. Still.

Ombre Leggings

I know, again with the black and white. I can't help it. Someone at work today told me that I seem "more like a pink person" when I explained that I would exclusively wear black to the office everyday if I didn't think I might get labeled "that goth looking first-year." I almost threw up. I mean, I'll wear pink sometimes, but I picture a really tacky Barbie driving that bubble gum pink convertible when someone is described as a "pink kind of person". 

In order to cleanse myself of that blasphemous comment, I obviously had to choose one of my "shades of black" ensembles. It doesn't hurt that this also incorporates one of my recent obsessions...ombre. These pants are by Rag and Bone (and I got them at Nordstrom, like I did 75% of my current wearable wardrobe) and they are incredibly soft. They're somewhere between a jean and a legging, but they don't have that obvious "jegging" look to them, which is refreshing.  

In general, I like the versatility that each of these pieces offers. The Rebecca Minkoff bag is a must (as you know) and a black and silver Marc Jacobs watch won't ever go out of style--not to mention you can wear it almost anywhere (maybe not to all those award shows you're invited to, but you know). I own the MM6 boots and I wear them ALL the time. They were expensive (I bought them on sale...), but I wear them on the weekends with outfits like this, or to work with a skirt/dress and tights. Or for my favorite day of the week...CASUAL FRIDAY. I think what I'm really trying to say is that I like the versatility of neutrals...? Shocking, I know. 

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