Friday, January 24, 2014

Bootie Time

Annnnnnd it's January. When did that happen? After spending a little time in NYC and Chicago, I have a true appreciation for you people that spend an entire winter actually having to wear winter clothes and deal with snow all whilst keeping track of two mittens and a pair of earmuffs.

That said, "winter" in L.A. is a big joke, and refers to the point in the year when temperatures drop below 65 degrees. I once thought outsiders were being a little dramatic about the reaction of Southern Californians to "cold" weather, but I have recently witnessed some pretty ridiculous ensembles in response to temperatures that would warrant shorts in the Midwest. For example, earmuffs/headbands. This piece of apparel will LITERALLY NEVER BE NECESSARY IN LOS ANGELES. My mom was in town at Thanksgiving and we walked to Starbucks one afternoon. We passed a couple walking three small dogs and they were BOTH wearing full jackets and headbands. It was almost 70 degrees. Like come on, I know this weather is a good excuse to break out really cute booties and sweaters, but let's get a grip on the winter accessories. 

So anyway, the point of mentioning "winter" is to talk about boots - duh. I know I'm obviously a little late to the game we're on the verge of Spring, but that just means it's a great time to score some sweet deals on cute boots that you can definitely get a few more months of use out of (especially if you live in the frigid tundra that is anywhere east of California and north of Texas).

Exhibit A: The Rag & Bone boot that might be the most versatile investment of the season. It comes in lots of colors - both suede and leather. 

Exhibit B: These Madewell "Weathered Biker Booties" are comfy, casual and will definitely weather this and many seasons to come.

Exhibit C: Everyone needs a sexy black bootie. This black Rachel Zoe boot is one of my favorites - they're not too high, they have a pointed toe and lots of texture. 

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