Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Oh, Rebecca Minkoff. You've officially won me over. This betch has hijacked any spending-control I ever thought I had, bordeline conning me into three of the best bags I've ever owned. Sorry, Marc Jacobs, you're on the back burner for a while longer....

Purchase #1: The Beau Clutch

The beau clutch was my first RM purchase. I was looking for a neutral/nude colored bag with gold hardware to match with both browns and blacks for going out purposes. I found exactly that in this bag. Mine is a nudeish pink ostrich leather with gold hardware (I wasn't able to find it online any longer). Though the word "clutch" is a bit far-fetched (it's obviously a little large for clutching...), the chain strap is the perfect length and hangs really nicely. It's unique in style, shape and size and the quality is outstanding. I recommend a good leather protector, especially for high quality bags like this in a light color. I spilled half of a vodka-filled water bottle in mine at a fraternity invite.....and there's no evidence.

Purchase #2: "M.A.C" Clutch

M.A.C. Clutch- luggage
The "M.A.C." bag also comes in a size smaller, accordingly named the mini MAC. I love this because I can use it to go out at night or during the day. The strap adjusts so that it can either hit at the hip or right under your elbow. Personally, I don't do the whole clutch thing (again), but the chain is also removable altogether. I'm no Olivia Palermo, nor am I an Olsen twin, but this bag usually makes me look like I thought about my outfit for at least half as long as they do.

Future Purchase #3: "Swing" Shoulder Bag

Rebecca Minkoff 'Swing' Shoulder Bag
So between starting this post and getting to the third section, I bought this bag (in black with gold tones). Literally, Nordstrom double point days get me every time. Somehow I'm always happy with my purchases though.... Anyway, I absolutely love this. The leather is SO soft and the size is perfect. I fits my continental wallet, my sunglasses case and my planner for daytime, as well as everything I'd need for night. And again, the strap adjusts (Chanel style, the chain pulls through all the way on one side). If you can't tell from this photo, click on the link and check out the zipper detail on the sides--super cute.

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